Our clients say it best.


10th Street Village Condominium Association

“Thanks for all your recent effort on our behalf. You have a way of making me feel like we are your only client, though I have to remind myself you have many other clients, Board members and homeowners wanting your attention. It amazes me how you can juggle all of us, yet be so personable and professional.”


Sahali Owners Association

“Thank you, Drew, for your help and calmness at the Sahali annual meeting tonight. After you left, there was quite a lot of, ‘That Drew, he’s so good,’ being said. We’re all grateful to you for the work you do on Sahali’s behalf.”


Hawthorne Homeowners Association

“Thank you, Drew, for your quick and helpful-as-always response to the sliding glass door fog problem in condominium #25B. This is a holiday ... why are you working? Here’s what resident Ms. Bell had to say: ‘Being in commercial real estate I know that property management quite often gets all the complaints and problems to solve, and doesn’t always receive the appreciation they deserve. The new glass makes a world of difference and is a 100% improvement. I want to thank you again for how expeditiously it was handled.”


Toketi Homeowners Association

“After years of searching for "better" property managers, we are thrilled to have finally found one. Louis is prompt and thorough in responses to queries lobbed his way by our board members and has proven to be a man that will get answers for us. His demeanor works well with our group and his knack for diplomacy above conflict has served us well. It is the functions that he has performed for Toketi that are above and beyond expectations that truly sets Louis apart from his peers. I could compose a long list of these, but I can guarantee that the attributes Louis brings to our Association and the appreciation of our BOD can not be overstated.”